Notices Archive Jan-June 2015
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US Patent Office Publishes Most Recent Patent Application

The US Patent Office has published the most recent application protecting the core intellectual property for our automated clinical technology. This coincides closely with the acceptance of our applications and the international examiner’s review through the European Patent Office (EPO) for the 38 countries under their jurisdiction. This application is currently under review by the US examiner, which we believe is the international examiner. If that is the case with our application, they have already recommended approval of the core claims of this application.

April 28, 2015
TecMed Eighth Article Published to Medical Design Technology Online

The Company's Director of Media and Communication, Emily Cross, Ph.D. has now published her eighth article to the online blog on the Medical Design Technology website. Full article available in PDF format on the "News" page of the TecMed website, tab titled "We Should Be Ashamed MDT Article April 2015", or at the following link:

April 10, 2015
TecMed Completes Exhaustive Accuracy and Precision Study

The advanced instrumentation and device design utilized in the successful human case studies completed by TecMed in 2011-2014 was utilized for a 27-study marketing and research project to demonstrate the accuracy, precision, and reliability of the core patent and patent pending automated Sentinel glucose measurement technology. 

Collectively known as the "Sentinel Intellectual Property" or "Sentinel IP", the instrumentation design yielded measurement accuracy and repeatability that met and exceeded all existing and proposed regulatory standards and specifications for blood glucose measurement.  The average accuracy was within 2% (or 4 milligrams) of the reference standards for 27 individual studies, reporting 217 data points, performed over four days, by two separate instrument operators, utilizing two separately prepared sets of liquid glucose standards ranging from 50mg-400mg/dL. 

In the medical device and diagnostics industry study data such as ours demonstrates day-to-day, lot-to-lot, and multiple user reliability. Our results from these studies are a significant milestone and achievement.  The Company is aware of no other technology under development or glucose measurement product currently on the market that meets new specifications proposed by the FDA in 2014.  We are also aware of no potentially competing technology  that can match the accuracy and precision demonstrated by our intellectual property.

March 28, 2015
TecMed Publishes Third "Exclusive" Article to Medical Design Technology

Our Company's Director of Media and Communication, Emily Cross, Ph.D. has now published the eighth piece of a series of articles to the online blog on the Medical Design Technology website. This article marks her third posting to be published as an "Exclusive" on the website of one of the preeminent journals for the medical device industry.  The full article is available in PDF format on the "News" page of the TecMed website, tab titled "Laws that Kill Innovation Ultimately Kill People - MDT Article March 2015", or at the following link:

March 18, 2015
Annual Meeting & Election Results

The Company's Annual Meeting was held on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 and the slate of Director nominees provided by the Company's management was elected by unanimous acclamation. The Directors elected to serve for 2015 are: Alan J. Leszinske, Laurel Hull, and Thomas Tucker.

March 8, 2015
Annual Meeting of the Shareholders Scheduled

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders of TecMed, Inc. has been scheduled for 9AM Mountain Time on March 18, 2015 at the Marriott Courtyard.  The formal notice of the meeting is available through the following link:  ASHM Formal Notice 2015.

February 10, 2015
TecMed Expands Marketing - Broadens Clinical Exposure

TecMed welcomes Elizabeth S. Meek, RN, BSN, MSN to our marketing team.  Ms. Meek graduated with Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1994 with an emphasis on Biology. Soon after graduation, Elizabeth returned to school to continue her education in the field of nursing, recognizing her passion for people, science and patient care as a compelling force. She completed her Associate Degree in Nursing from Lewis and Clark Community College and graduated from the University Illinois at Chicago from the College of Nursing in 1998 with her BS in Nursing. After a little over a decade as a practicing nurse, Ms. Meek continued to pursue deeper education in nursing and completed a Master of Science Degree in Nursing Education from the University of New Mexico in 2013. Currently, Ms. Meek holds registered nursing licenses in both New Mexico and Illinois.

Ms. Meek has practiced nursing in an array of contexts and has taken on numerous roles within nursing. Her professional career began in a nursing home, where her immediacy to patients allowed her to recognize how passionately she believed in warm bedside care for aging adults. As her experience and skill grew, Elizabeth began to explore other realms of nursing and worked her way into the adult critical care environment. It was in this intense environment of care that Ms. Meek realized that the healing process for patients, a process which includes physical rehabilitation, but also the attention to alleviating the stress and pressures that come with extreme illness, was her true passion.

Outside of working as a nurse engaging directly with critically ill patients, Ms. Meek also took on positions of education where she became a critical care unit manager and educator, specifically during her tenure at Albuquerque’s Presbyterian Hospital. As a nurse educator, Elizabeth oriented graduate nurses to the critical care environment and instructed her peers in medical equipment procedures.

Due to her passion for patient care, experience as a critical care nurse, unit manager and nurse educator, Ms. Meek has deep experiences and insight to bring to the TecMed, Inc. team. As TecMed continues to explore alternative uses for patented intellectual property (IP) and expand their marketing efforts to bring currently available IP to market, Ms. Meek will be able to not only introduce TecMed IP to relevant audiences, she can instruct relevant medical professionals on the value of automated real-time measurement and management of blood glucose. Her direct experiences in critical care and intensive care units and her teaching insight will allow her to speak to the specific audiences which will benefit from TecMed’s IP most directly. Ms. Meek’s experiences fill in a gap of experience, knowledge and expertise the current TecMed team is lacking and will be an invaluable asset to the team. 

February 5, 2015
TecMed Publishes Seventh Article to Medical Design Technology Blog
The Company's Director of Media and Communication, Emily Cross, Ph.D. has now published the seventh of a series of articles to the online blog on the Medical Design Technology website. Full article available in PDF format on the "News" page of the TecMed website, tab titled "Elusive Search for Funding Continues MDT Article February 2015", or at the following link:

January 5, 2015
​First National Print Publication
The blog article titled "ACA Clogged Medtech Innovation Pipeline", written by Dr. Emily Cross, Ph.D. has been selected for publication in the annual newsletter for Medical Design Technology magazine. A link to the publication will be provided when it goes to print.
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